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Chiropractors Seem Proud of Their 100-Plus Years History...What Aren't They Telling You?

What they aren't telling you is that since 1895 absolutely nothing has changed...well, that's not true. They've added a bunch more of bogus and pseudoscientific so-called treatments, but the basic subluxation stuff is still around and is still being taught in chiropractic schools.

Hmmm. What would you say if you went for an appointment with a real doctor and, they said they were only using treatments and knowledge prior to 1895. Yes, no blood tests, no vaccines, no up-to-date surgical EEG, no EKG...well, you get the idea.

What am I Trying to Accomplish Here?

The main purpose of this blog is to educate consumers by providing information about the so-called chiropractic profession.

At the same time I am going to work as hard as I can to bring before The Virginia Department of Health Professions how chiropractors are violating many of the rules of practice. The weirdest aspect of all of this, is surely someone must know that most of what the chiropractors are doing is not evidence-based and provides no value at all: therapeutic, medical, treatment, or diagnostic. I just can’t understand this. Time will tell ladies and gentlemen…..

The Chiropractic Avenger

Hell no! We Aren't Going to Pay for That Crap!

American Speciality Health (ASH) is one of the largest administrators of complimentary and alternative treatments, including chiropractic.
Out of the 81 so-called treatments that are listed with ASH, 53 of them would make the chiropractor ineligible to be one of their providers. Forty-eight of the treatments are termed scientifically implausible. Yep, they don't work, they do nothing, and there is no scientific evidence to support their use.
You know, you couldn't make this stuff up...and, it's gets better. As I'm writing this, students all over the country are in chiropractic colleges being taught this stuff.
Should we believe that all of those teachers actually believe this stuff works? Or, would it be worse that they teach what they know to be junk science? Either way it seems that they'd be at least to some extent deluded or just outright charlatans.
I'm sure their students must stand tall and proud....

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Scope of Practice.....

All states have a regulatory board that's responsible for making sure that the citizens can feel safe, when seeking treatments from medical practitioners. Every medical occupation has its scope of practice.

Chapter 29 of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia Medicine

§ 54.1-2900. Definitions.

"Practice of chiropractic" means the adjustment of the 24 movable vertebrae of the spinal column, and assisting nature for the purpose of normalizing the transmission of nerve energy, but does not include the use of surgery, obstetrics, osteopathy or the administration or prescribing of any drugs, medicines, serums or vaccines.

Hmmmm. I wrote The Board of Medicine and asked them what assisting nature for the purpose of normalizing the transmission of nerve energy meant. I thought they'd be vague...or, assume what would seem the obvious, Hey, whatever you want it mean.. And, that was basically the answer I received.

My small dictionary, says about nature, the inherent quality or basic constitution of a person or thing. For any New Agers out there, does that sound mystical enough for you?

It's also interesting that there is a prohibition against chiropractors prescribing drugs or medicines. Hmmm. Though I have no idea what the percentages are, it'd be interesting to know how many peddle herbs and supplements. More on this later.